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Pfister-Racing Tourenwagen-Challenge
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Circuit Zolder. Rounds 3 & 4 of the current season in the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) were held at Circuit Zolder (BEL) on April 26-27, 2024. This venue is 3.977 km long and steeped in tradition. Formula 1 races were even held there between 1973 and 1984.

True to the series motto "real cars, real racing," both ambitious youngsters and experienced "gentleman drivers" took to the starting field to once again compete against each other in the PRTC. Germany, the USA and Switzerland were represented in terms of driver nationalities.

“After a promising start to the season at the Hockenheimring, we look forward to the next round of races at Circuit Zolder. The front positions are contested, and there are several drivers who have a chance at the podium – we’ve got our fingers crossed. Good luck to all the drivers!” said series organizer Andreas Pfister before the start of the racing weekend.


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Changing weather conditions also featured at races 3 & 4 in Zolder

After the first free training session on Friday, the touring car drivers went into the important qualifying session on Saturday to earn their position on the starting grid. Although the weather on Friday was still mostly dry, the conditions for the qualifying session were mixed again on Saturday morning with some showers.

It was especially important for the drivers to get their racing cars over the finish line safely – all three sessions took place on Saturday, which meant that there was very little time for repairs.


Rookie Felix Müller takes second pole position of the season


Felix Müller (GER, Deggenhausertal) was the best at managing the wet conditions – his lap time of 2:17:903 allowed him to secure the second pole position of the season ahead of Patrick Röthlisberger (CHE, Langnau).

Andreas Schundiak (GER, Weiden) finished third ahead of Marcalis Shinaul (USA, Nuremberg) and Claus Gramlich (GER, Frankfurt).


 53683011016 91a878179a k

Second race weekend, second pole position: Felix Müller (GER)

Drying conditions in the first race and “Full Course Yellow” phase help

Andreas Schundiak with his first victory of the season

As usual, the PRTC fans on the stands and at home watching the live stream were not disappointed by the first race of the day. On the drying race track, Andreas Schundiak grew faster from lap to lap.

At the start of the race, when the asphalt was still slippery, Patrick Röthlisberger showed his talent and joined the fray in the battle for first position. He had done well once the race got underway thanks to the rolling “Indianapolis Start,” and he could make fast times straight away. In these mixed racing conditions, the PRTC racing cars with the TOYO TIRES R888R semi-slicks were ideally equipped for the road.


However, he had to contend with a strong Felix Müller and Andreas Schundiak. The track allowed more grip from lap to lap and was almost completely dried off. Müller initially took the lead, but had to hand it over to Andreas Schundiak.

After laps of duels and wheel-to-wheel action, Andreas Schundiak prevailed in the lead ahead of Felix Müller. Claus Gramlich managed to get a good position lower down the board and pushed himself to 4th in front of Marcalis Shinaul. Pascal Fiedler (GER, Reinhardshagen) also put on a good show in the CUPRA Ibiza V1 Cup racing car and established himself between the CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup racing cars.


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Moment of shock after the finish: Andreas Schundiak wins after revoked penalty

After a spirited race, Schundiak was the first to cross the finish line just before Müller. But then there was a brief moment of shock for him: The race management had issued a 5-second penalty for speeding in the FCY phase. However, this penalty was then revised, and Andreas Schundiak was the winner of the race in front of Müller and Röthlisberger.

Schundiak secures victory in second race 0.6 seconds ahead of Müller

After the action from the first race, the drivers had only a short time to keep their concentration for the second race, since this took place just two hours later. This time Andreas Schundiak started from the first position ahead of Felix Müller and Patrick Röthlisberger.


Once the race got underway, Schundiak took the lead, but with Felix Müller in his rear-view mirror from the very start, he had a fight on his hands.

Patrick Röthlisberger was able to keep up at the beginning, but then had to pull back a little, and managed a safe third position ahead of Claus Gramlich and Marcalis Shinaul.

Although Andreas Schundiak had to change his racing line several times to keep Felix Müller behind him, he still kept his nerve. Andreas Schundiak’s faultless performance kept him at the front and he managed to drive his second victory of the season with a close 0.6 second lead over Felix Müller. The latter was able to take the PRTC Championship lead, however.


 53683001906 2595f0c3d7 o

Andreas Schundiak VS. Felix Müller was the head-to-head battle of the weekend

Felix Müller is now heading to the Salzburgring with 30 points for the next season races in September. But Andreas Schundiak (29 points) and Patrick Röthlisberger (26 points) are not far behind the young German.

PRTC fans are already looking forward to lots of “real cars” and “real racing” as the season progresses.

Double PRTC win for Marco Chianese at the season opener at the Hockenheimring


Hockenheimring. This year’s season opener of the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) season took place at the Hockenheimring in Baden-Württemberg from March 22-24, 2024. Just as in previous years, the 4.574 km ultra-modern race track was the venue for the PRTC season opener.

True to the series motto "real cars, real racing," both ambitious youngsters and experienced "gentleman drivers" took to the starting field to once again compete against each other in the PRTC. Germany, Italy and Switzerland were represented in terms of driver nationalities.

“We are excited about the start of a new touring car season. In spite of the generally difficult financial situation, the PRTC was able to hold its head up high this season as well and offers the drivers a fantastic opportunity to participate in touring car motorsport at a reasonable cost. We’re already looking forward to many 'wheel-on-wheel battles.' Good luck to all the drivers!” said series organizer Andreas Pfister before the start of the racing weekend.


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The PRTC racing cars were greeted by changing weather conditions at the Hockenheimring

After the first free training session on Friday, the touring car drivers went into the important qualifying session on Saturday to earn their position on the starting grid. The weather on Friday was still sunny and warm, but the conditions were mixed on Saturday and Sunday with a drop in temperature and some showers.

At first, the focus was on how this year’s starting field would be arranged after the lap times determined the positions.

Rookie Felix Müller takes sensational pole position


The distances between racers in the qualifying session gave us an initial foretaste of what was to come – an extremely close touring car racing weekend: With a lap time of 2:19:551, rookie Felix Müller (GER, Deggenhausertal) secured the pole position in a sensational effort, but only just ahead of Marco Chianese (ITA, Würzburg) with 2:19:582.

Andreas Schundiak (GER, Weiden) made it to third place, followed by Patrick Röthlisberger (CHE, Langnau) and Kay-Yvo Baudler (GER, Abtswind).


53604784593 e1d54c50fd o 

First racing weekend, first pole position: Felix Müller (GER)


Adrenaline runs high in the very first race:

stoppage, safety car, rain, FCY, dry conditions and a new PRTC winner

The PRTC fans on the stands and at home watching the live stream were certainly not disappointed by the season’s opening race. It had almost everything to make fans’ hearts skip a beat: There was a red flag (stoppage), the safety car, showers, “Full-Course-Yellow,” dry weather again and, what’s more, Marco Chianese entered as the newest racer in the list of PRTC winners.

But first things first: The first race got underway with a rolling “Indianapolis start,” then stopped straight away, as it had just begun to rain heavily in the same moment. All cars had to be driven back to the pits.


After the restart and safety-car situation, Chianese was able to take the lead at first in the wet conditions, but then had to fend off a strong Patrick Röthlisberger (CHE, Langnau). After more action on the track and a subsequent “Full-Course Yellow” (FCY) phase, the leading trio of Chianese, Röthlisberger, and Müller broke away from the rest of the group.

Once the race got underway once more and in drier conditions, Felix Müller saw his chance: First, he whooshed passed Röthlisberger and went into battle against Chianese in front. At the second northern curve, Müller started a courageous maneuver to try to overtake Marco Chianese, but had to leave the dry line to do so and slid into the right side of the Italian’s car. Müller’s car spun and he had to let Röthlisberger past once more.


53607806178 4f29f36e2a o 

At the front despite light collision: Marco Chianese from Würzburg


In spite of this sudden collision, front-runner Marco Chianese was not put off and took home his first PRTC victory ahead of Röthlisberger and Müller. Kay-Yvo Baudler and Andreas Schundiak completed the top 5.

Victory in race 2 also goes to Chianese, just ahead of Felix Müller

After the action on Saturday, and an initial licking of wounds, the drivers went into the second race on Sunday morning. The outdoor temperature was a mere 4 degrees, making the track conditions a bit more difficult and the grip on the track was limited.


Chianese and Röthlisberger were able to make excellent use of the starting phase, while Felix Müller and Andreas Schundiak fell behind. On the dry yet slippery track caused by the low temperatures, it was extremely important for the racers to keep the Toyo Tires Proxes R888R semi-slicks up to temperature.

Halfway through the race, Kay-Yvo Baudler and Felix Müller got int the groove of it once more and were able to advance a few places with strong lap times. The excellent driving performance of Baudler wasn’t to be rewarded yet, however, as he and his Chevrolet were forced back to the pits before the end of the race.

Müller kept a steady course towards the front and came into the slipstream of race leader Marco Chianese during the last laps. Chianese held his nerve, however, and took home his second victory of this racing weekend.


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Podium in race 2: Felix Müller (left), Marco Chianese (center) and Patrick Röthlisberger (right)


Now, all that’s left is for the outstanding drivers to celebrate their successes, but not for too long – the PRTC continues with season races 3 and 4 on April 26-28, 2024 at the Circuit Zolder (BEL). A few new guest starters have already been announced, and this should add to the excitement on the renowned Belgian race track.


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Pictures: Pfister-Racing GmbH

Marco Bedrich clinches PRTC title in thrilling final on the Nürburgring GP circuit



Nürburgring. After an exhilarating racing season, the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) entered the home straight on September 29-30, 2023 at the 5.1 km Nürburgring GP circuit. Rounds 11 & 12 were held on the legendary race track in the Eifel region. Here, the battle for the title over the course of the season reached another peak: in the table, there were only 4 points between leading driver Dirk Ehlebracht (GER, Oberursel) and second from top Marco Bedrich (GER, Cottbus) before the start of the last racing weekend.

True to the series motto "real cars, real racing", both ambitious youngsters and experienced "gentleman drivers" in the starting field again competed against each other in the PRTC. The only female driver in the starting field, Ruth Mbabazi (CHE, Vesenaz) completed her third racing weekend of the season.

“Another thrilling touring car season is coming to an end. In the shadows of the legendary Nürburg, the driver who can take home this year’s title will be decided, but the fight for 3rd place in the championship is also exciting. Good luck to all the drivers!” said series organizer Andreas Pfister before the start of the racing weekend.


 53227105721 56a3d2c097 o

Marco Bedrich (l.) VS. Dirk Ehlebracht (r.) was the great PRTC title duel at the Nürburgring

After the first free training session, the touring car drivers went into the important qualifying session on Friday to earn their position on the starting grid. The weather at the Nürburgring was playing nicely, for the time being: the drivers were welcomed to the track by sunshine and stable conditions. 

Of course, all eyes were on the results of the two title competitors. The Nürburgring GP circuit is already well known to both Bedrich and Ehlebracht, which is why both had similar requirements as they went into the time chase.


Only two tenths of a second between top contenders in the qualifying session


During the qualifying session, the two title candidates gave us a foretaste of what’s to come: an extremely close racing weekend in the battle for the title. With a lap time of 2:41:177, Marco Bedrich secured the pole position, but only just ahead of Dirk Ehlebracht’s 2:41:396.

Dario Apa (CHE, Zurich) made it to the third position in the starting field, ahead of Thomas Eckert (GER, Nuremberg).

The third starting row featured Lars Stubanus (GER, Gernsbach) and Ruth Mbabazi in front of Marcalis Shinaul (USA, Ansbach) in the CUPRA Ibiza racing car.


 53227412023 9312c102e5 k

Making strong progress: Dario Apa from Zurich


Match point after Bedrich victory in the first race: “ex ae quo” for the last race

The first race got underway with a rolling "Indianapolis start”, and then the action on the track wasn’t long in coming.

Pole setter Bedrich had to fend off direct, hard attacks from Dirk Ehlebracht, and, lap by lap, they regularly switched positions.

There were also a few duels going on behind them: Lars Stubanus managed to pass Thomas Eckert, moving himself to a better position.

At the front, the first two had managed to give themselves a small lead, but Dario Apa in 3rd place was also able to keep up.


After a few yellow phases, caused by the large starting field on the race track, the final phase of the first race began.

Bedrich was able to assert himself against Ehlebracht and hold onto his lead. To make matters worse for Ehlebracht, shortly before the end of the race, there was a problem with the release bearing on his CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup racing car, which left him in third place behind Dario Apa, who was enjoying his best season result so far.


 53227474399 1c5912d206 o

He has surpassed himself and managed to turn the championship to his favor: Marco Bedrich

This race result meant that both Dirk Ehlebracht and Marco Bedrich were going into the final “ex ae quo”, with 86 points each, and with everything coming down to Saturday’s race.


Motorsport drama in the second race:


the last lap is the decider for the 2023 PRTC title.

After the first race on Friday, the weather conditions became the focus at first, as stormy and rainy weather changed the conditions completely. And yet, just as the Eifel is known for its changeable weather conditions, it became dry once more for the 2nd race on Saturday.

After the start, Dirk Ehlebracht went all in and managed to take the lead from Bedrich which, at this point in time, made him the PRTC championship leader.

At first, Ehlebracht stayed at the front and a Full Course Yellow phase kept the race neutral for a time.


Ehlebracht had thus established himself ahead of Bedrich and Apa, and also Thomas Eckert in the next position, who had managed to pass Lars Stubanus.

Marco Bedrich may well have had something to worry about: if the race were to end in a Full Course Yellow, Dirk Ehlebracht would be the winner in the overall ranking.

There was to be a final showdown, however. The last two laps of the race got underway and Dirk Ehlebracht in first place managed to lead the field into the last lap.

Marco Bedrich went straight for the attack, and the duel for the championship lasted for almost half the lap, with both contenders leaving no quarter from curve to curve and both attempting to wrangle the lead off of the other.


 53227595865 af8fcca59f o

Podium in race 1: Dario Apa (l.), Marco Bedrich (m.) and Dirk Ehlebracht (r.)

In the last meters of the race, Marco Bedrich was able to assert himself against Dirk Ehlebracht and drive into the 2023 PRTC championship victory. Meanwhile, the winner of the last race was someone else: Dario Apa used the duel between the two drivers and took his victory ahead of Bedrich and Ehlebracht back home with him to Switzerland.

Now, all that’s left is for the outstanding drivers to celebrate their successes. The PRTC has its well-earned break until the annual champion celebration “finishing straight” takes place at the end of the year in Würzburg.


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Dario Apa wins the PRTC at Lausitzring for Switzerland – Dirk Ehlebracht extends championship lead


Lausitzring. The Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) from 03-04/06/2023 at the DEKRA Lausitzring has already reached its mid-season with the competitive races 5 & 6. Many visitors made their way to the racing circuit to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the diverse program of the ADAC racing weekend at no cost. You could also follow the races on screen thanks to a brilliant live-stream with commentary.

The Lausitzring is the only circuit with a steep turn on the PRTC race calendar and puts the drivers to the test with a challenging "in-field".

True to the series motto "real cars, real racing", both ambitious youngsters and experienced "gentleman drivers" again competed against each other in the PRTC. Ruth Mbabazi from Switzerland made her touring car debut on this racing weekend. The 28-year-old was able to successfully participate in a racing driver licensing course and now ventures into competition.

"An exciting racing season is entering its next stage. The Lausitzring awaits us, together with our friends from the Touring Car Classics as well as bright sunshine and the best track conditions. These are the best conditions for real touring car motorsporting, which the PRTC will once again give us this racing weekend!" says series organizer Andreas Pfister before the start of the racing weekend.



Ruth Mbabazi (CHE) made it onto the podium on her touring car debut

After the first test drives on Friday and Saturday, the touring car drivers went into the important qualifying laps to earn their position on the starting grid.


Clean start to the racing weekend with pole position for Dario Apa


Dario Apa (CHE, Zurich) already showed in the free practice that the Lausitzring circuit suits him well and that he could get used to the track very quickly. In the following qualifying session he reached pole position with a superb lap time of 1:53:320.

The first row of the starting grid was completed by local hero Marco Bedrich (GER, Cottbus) who was cheered on by his home fans.

The third place on the grid went to Lars Stubanus (GER, Gernsbach), ahead of Dirk Ehlebracht (GER, Oberursel), showing an upward trend.


 52948953452 9da8b0d185 o

Man of the racing weekend: Dario Apa from Zurich


Unlucky fellow Marco Bedrich: Technical failure in the very first race

After the qualifying session, both the racers and the mechanics of the Pfister Racing Team had little time to prepare for the first race. The race was to be started with a rolling "Indianapolis start".

After the first lap there was a huge disappointment for the fans of Marco Bedrich: The Lausitz racer was very unlucky and had to park his touring car in the pit lane due to a performance loss.

Meanwhile, Dario Apa had a clear run at the front and was able to leave the competition behind right from the start of the race.


Ehlebracht scores further important points as "Mr. Consistency"



Dirk Ehlebracht drove himself into a tactically important second place. With the drop-out of his biggest rival for the championship, Marco Bedrich, Ehlebracht was able to add another 8 important points to his balance.

Behind them, Ruth Mbabazi made it to the podium in her first ever race in a touring car, and she was able to receive her first trophy.


 52949697124 a4ce16a1d8 k

Strengthened his chances for a championship: Veteran Dirk Ehlebracht


Tire management also played a role at the Lausitzring: Those who brought their TOYO TIRES Proxes R888R semi-slicks best over the distance in the warm temperatures, had the best grip for the second race.

Second race, second victory: perfect weekend for Dario Apa

The second race on Sunday brought some more action, as is usual in the PRTC. Apa turned his pole position into a lead once again, but then had to contend with tenacious attacks from Marco Bedrich right from the start.


Bedrich launched a few attacks to claim the lead from the slipstream, but Apa slickly defended his leading position. Then, during the first overtakings, another moment of "aha" for Marco Bedrich: His front wheels locked and caused him to collide with a BMW, resulting in a damaged front bumper and a time penalty.

Dirk Ehlebracht had to work much harder in this race as well: For several laps he was in a duel with Lars Stubanus for the third position, which he finally managed to achieve by a narrow margin.


 52952239612 260ed3febe o

Home podium despite a turbulent second race: Marco Bedrich from Cottbus


At the front, Apa let nothing get in his way and took his second win at the Lausitzring and his joy was palpable as he got out of his racing car. Marco Bedrich was able to take the second place in front of Dirk Ehlebracht despite a time penalty, and could thus do some "damage limitation" for his home race.

In the overall ranking, Dirk Ehlebracht is now on the first place with a total of 50 points, ahead of Marco Bedrich with 36 points and Raphael Rennhofer (AUT, Niederneukirchen) with 30 points.

The next PRTC action will take place from 28-30/07/2023, again as part of the ADAC Racing Weekend, but this time at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.


52949908265 7e981d47c6 k

From March 24th to 26th, 2023, the new DMV STGT racing series started for the first time at the Hockenheimring

PR STGT HHK Ellis TCR Debut 1

The racing driver Ellis Spiezia (USA) started for the Pfister-Racing Team with the starting number 007 in the CUPRA Leon TCR racing car. In a race weekend characterized by different weather conditions, Spiezia was able to make his debut in the 350 hp TCR racing car in an outstanding manner and achieved 5th and 6th place in his classification class, in which racing cars with significantly more powerful engines compete in some cases. After the race weekend, Ellis Spiezia made the following statement:

"An awesome first weekend in the toughest conditions I´ve ever driven. Proud to have kept in on track without any traction control or ABS like the porsche boys"

PR STGT HHK Ellis TCR Debut 2

Team boss Andreas Pfister: "The race weekend at the Hockenheimring was quite successful for us as a debut in the DMV STGT. Our CUPRA racing car worked perfectly and Ellis Spiezia was able to get used to the racing car better from lap to lap and also let the adverse weather conditions help her Don't get frustrated. We're already looking forward to the Circuit Zolder, where we'll definitely be able to annoy some Porsche racing cars with much more powerful engines!"

The next race weekend of the DMV STGT starts from April 28th to 30th, 2023 at the Circuit Zolder (BEL)



You can find more information about the racing driver Ellis Spiezia on the homepage: as well on Instagram at:



Pictures: Pfister-Racing GmbH

Veteran Dirk Ehlebracht achieves double PRTC victory at the Hockenheimring



Hockenheimring. This year’s opening weekend of the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) season took place at the Hockenheimring in Baden-Württemberg from 24-26/03/2023. Many visitors made their way to the racing circuit to take in the atmosphere of the vast program of the DMV racing weekend. You could also follow the races on screen thanks to a brilliant live-stream with commentary.

Once more, the PRTC was true to the series motto “real cars, real racing” with a vast starting field where plenty of touring car action could be found.  

“We started 2023’s season with a great deal of motivation, also with thanks to the excellent support from our official series partners TOYO TIRES, CARAMBA CHEMIE, RAVENOL, SONIC EQUIPMENT and ACV (Automobil-Club Verkehr). We saw veterans of the sport and gentleman drivers as well as rookies and enthusiastic youngsters at the Hockenheimring. This appealing mix will bring us a great deal of excitement, of that I am sure. And all this at affordable costs for the drivers!” explained series organizer Andreas Pfister before the start of the racing weekend.



Marcalis Shinaul (USA) had his debut at the Hockenheimring in PRTC class 1 in the CUPRA Ibiza racing car

The drivers were accompanied by changing spring weather conditions over the entire weekend

The constantly changing weather added another little bit of excitement. Intermittent rain showers with the racing circuit then drying off again when the sun came out really put the drivers to the test. But in any case, the drivers had the right tires on their cars for these conditions:

the Semi-Slick Proxes R888R from TOYO TIRES offers the ideal grip in both dry and wet track conditions.


A surprise during a rainy qualifying session: Marco Chianese gets first pole position


After the first free training session in which the drivers were able to get used to the racing circuit, the qualifying session started to determine the starting line-up, which could only be released during the second attempt.

In wet and slippery track conditions, Marco Chianese (ITA, Würzburg) had an excellent round with a time of 2:38:877 which secured him his first pole position, just ahead of Raphael Rennhofer (AUT, Niederneukirchen).

Next in line was Marco Bedrich (GER, Cottbus) and Dirk Ehlebracht (GER, Oberursel) who made up the second row of the starting line-up.

The best starting position in class 1 was secured by youngster Florian Bek (GER, Blaustein), ahead of Marcalis Shinaul (USA, Ansbach).


 52773764195 bc8c8f9243 k

Marco Chianese (ITA) taking his first pole position with an excellent lap time, ahead of Raphael Rennhofer

The first race brings a dry spell and a turbulent initial phase

After the starting positions were determined in the qualifying session, the drivers were all dealt a new hand before the first race on Saturday evening. The racing circuit had time to dry off completely, and the drivers had completely different conditions to contend with yet again.

The race was started with a rolling “Indianapolis start,” where the racing cars approach the starting lights in a two-by-two formation.


Ehlebracht in first place: a confident victory in race 1



After the starting lights announced the start of the race, Marco Chianese failed to capitalize on his good position and had a bad start in the sprint to the first curve. Another racer, however, who did certainly manage to throw the weight of his experience to his advantage was Dirk Ehlebracht. He sprinted from fourth position directly to the front, and took the lead directly after the first curve with a courageous brake maneuver.

He was also able to reinforce this lead straight away thanks to his strong lap times and managed to achieve a respectable distance from the competition, which lost a few meters on the racing circuit due to various points where two or even three drivers were battling it out between themselves.


 52772493498 afecfd1bb8 o

A perfect start to the season for Dirk Ehlebracht from Oberursel with a total of 20 points

After a few skirmishes, Marco Bedrich was able to assert himself as Ehlebracht’s chaser in his CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup racing car 1.8 LT V4, securing himself second place. He was followed by David Stein (GER, Usingen) and Marco Chianese by just a few seconds.

In class 1 of the CUPRA Ibiza racing car, Florian Bek let nothing get in his way and placed well ahead of Marcalis Shinaul, and was even able to battle for the positions with a few “Chevy racing cars.”

Dirk Ehlebracht confidently took home his first victory of the season, ahead of Marco Bedrich and David Stein, whose third place secured him a PRTC podium position for the first time. Marco Chianese had to be content with fourth place, ahead of Raphael Rennhofer who rounded off the top 5.

The other point positions went to Hasan Blitz (GER, Germering) ahead of Lars Stubanus (GER, Gernsbach), Dominik Amthor (GER, Munich) and Benjamin Koslowski (USA, Atlanta) ,who all enjoyed their PRTC debut with their first racing weekend.


A rainy battle in the second race



The weather conditions were all over the place again for the second race on Sunday. The heavens opened once more over the Hockenheimring and made for a rainy race, really putting the drivers to the test also in terms of the difficult visibility caused by the spray.

This time, Ehlebracht took advantage of his excellent starting position and maintained his lead in front of Marco Bedrich, who put real pressure on him over the course of the race and coped well with the slippery track conditions.


 52773315631 922fe55ea8 o

From left to right: Marco Bedrich, Dirk Ehlebracht and Raphael Rennhofer on the podium after race 2

But Ehlebracht, an old hand, made no mistakes and gave his chaser Bedrich no opportunity to pass him. Raphael Rennhofer also displayed his excellent driving skills: The 16-year-old Austrian achieved the fastest lap time with 2:41:800 on the clock, which meant that he also made it to the podium.

4th place went to Marco Chianese once more, ahead of David Stein who was able to round off the top 5 positions this time. In class 1, Florian Bek also took home a safe victory in the second race.

After the first battle at the famous Hockenheimring, the “PRTC heroes” don’t have very long to relax, because the next races will take place from 28-30/04/2023 at Circuit Zolder (BEL), which has been included as a PRTC season venue for the first time ever, which means that none of the drivers will have any experience-based advantage there.


52773575559 f2c1f900db o


Pictures: Pfister-Racing GmbH



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