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Pfister-Racing Tourenwagen-Challenge
Pfister-Racing Tourenwagen-Challenge
Pfister-Racing Tourenwagen-Challenge
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Marcalis Shinaul with debut in the Pfister-Racing Tourenwagen-Challenge (PRTC) 2023


Ansbach. Another talent will make its debut in the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) in the 2023 season. The 29-year-old racing driver from Ansbach (Bavaria) took part in the track day with a racing driver license course at the Salzburgring in September 2022. After successfully completing the course, he really "tasted blood" and now wants to prove his talent in the PRTC in a CUPRA Ibiza V1 Cup racing car.

“We are happy to welcome another talent in the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) with Marcalis Shinaul. Marcalis earned his first spurs at the track day and racing driver license course at the Salzburgring. He was able to successfully complete the license course, which enables him to enter the PRTC. We wish you every success from now on!” says series organizer Andreas Pfister.


 IMG 2561

Andreas Pfister (l.) and Marcalis Shinaul (r.) with the racing-licence-certificate at Salzburgring


Racing driver Marcalis Shinaul is already looking forward to the coming racing season:

“As this is my rookie season, I hope to learn and grow as a driver as soon as possible. I just want to show what I'm capable of behind the wheel and do my best!"



Pictures: Pfister-Racing GmbH

Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) announces race dates for 2023 –

 latest information on the PRTC at the Essen Motor Show


Obersfeld. “In every crisis there is an opportunity, and that includes motor racing. The interest in affordable touring car motor racing is even higher than ever, and we are pleased to be able to offer a contemporary, exciting and affordable product with the Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC),” explains organizer Andreas Pfister. “This season, 21 drivers have already competed in 3 racing classes from 3 nations, and even more participants are expected next year. All the detailed information on the new season is also available at our booth in hall 8 at Essen Motor Show from December 3 to 11, 2022.”

The Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) enables affordable circuit motor racing to take place in Germany and its neighboring countries. Talented newcomers from the world of carting as well as from driver evaluation programs and racing driver license courses all participate in the Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge. And they are joined by ambitious newcomers and gentleman drivers.

Considerable attention is paid to the professional marketing of the racing drivers and the sporting events in order to increase the attractiveness of touring car motor racing and to put the drivers and series partners in the limelight in a targeted way.

The winner of the Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (Division A, Class 2) will receive a free test opportunity in the TCR racing car.

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real cars, real racing: that’s the Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge!

appealing mix of ambitious youngsters and “gentlemen drivers”

Exciting touring car motor racing with genuine races is therefore guaranteed. The mix of ambitious youngsters from the world of carting as well as experienced “gentleman drivers” promises exciting wheel-to-wheel duels and genuine touring car motor racing on cool racing circuits.




Provisional racing calendar for 2023*




Official test day Steisslingen

Races 1 & 2 Hockenheimring GP circuit





May 2023

Races 3 & 4 Zolder circuit


Official test daySaalfelden




June 2023



Races 5 & 6 Motorsportarena Oschersleben


Races 7 and 8 Eurospeedway Lausitz 





Races 9 & 10 Salzburgring 



Races 11 & 12 Nürburgring GP circuit 



Official test day Salzburgring



*subject to approval of DMSB **Guest race

Eligible to start in the Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) are touring cars according to FIA/DMSB Group H regulations in 4 different racing classes:

Class 1 – CUPRA Ibiza V1 Cup / Central fielding with rotating system

Class 2 – CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup 1.8 LT V4 / Central fielding with rotating system

Class 3 – CUPRA Leon MKII DSG, SKODA Octavia Cup DSG or similar

Class 4 – CUPRA Leon TCR or similar


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The class winners win honorary awards and other high-quality prizes. Opportunities for entry are available as part of the ACV Touring Car Driver Evaluation and by attending a racing driver license course.

As part of the official test days, it is possible to book experienced instructors in 1:1 Active Coaching sessions in order to prepare quickly and purposefully for joining a race.

Further information on the driver support program of Pfister Racing GmbH, the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge and the ACV Touring Car Driver Evaluation is available at and – you are also welcome to contact us by telephone on +49(0)9350 / 90 900 59




Centimeter duels on the occasion of the PRTC season opener at the Hockenheimring

 with a double victory by local hero Tim Schestag


Hockenheimring. For the racing drivers in the Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC), the 2022 season got off to an early start: On the weekend of March 4th-6th 2022, the prestigious Hockenheimring GP circuit awaited the drivers. On the 4.574 km racing circuit, genuine touring car action was once again on offer, with drivers who were up for the fight.


The PRTC once more offered a large starting field which also included some newcomers. 19-year-old Simon de Mori from Austria (Hörbranz) and 17-year-old Martin Held from Germany (Berlin) made their touring car debuts and earned their first motor racing spurs.

“Real cars, real racing. That’s the motto of our racing series. We offer professionally organized races with appealing touring cars in 4 qualifying categories, at reasonable costs and with good marketing. This concept is becoming increasingly popular, and we have been pleased with the great response. Last but not least, our racing drivers put on a terrific show for the spectators. We are looking forward to the start of the season!” said organizer Andreas Pfister at the start of the racing weekend.

51922687562 9eb17c0b75 h 

Robin Renz (GER) from Stuttgart made a successful start to the new racing season

All the racing cars are equipped with standard tires from TOYO TIRES, with the semi-slick Proxes R888R or RS1 Slick Proxes, which in combination with the central fielding and “rotating system” on the CHEVROLET and CUPRA racing cars (class 1 and 2) from Pfister-Racing GmbH, allow for a competitive race at affordable costs.

The winner of the 2022 Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC) in class 2 will receive a free test drive in the 350 hp TCR racing car.


Cold driving conditions make for challenging circumstances

The early start of the season saw the drivers welcomed with cold and windy weather conditions with temperatures around freezing, and it was necessary to find the right techniques to get the tires to the right operating temperature quickly in a good working time frame.

In the qualifying rounds to determine the starting grid, Hinrich Groeneveld (GER, Moosburg) performed the best, with his CUPRA Leon MKII DSG racing car from the ATT-Racing team securing first place in class 3.

In the consistently hard-fought class 2 with the CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup racing cars, Robin Renz achieved the best starting position with a lap time of 2:16:812, finishing in just ahead of Tim Schestag (GER, Walldorf) and Marco Chianese (ITA) from Würzburg, who also performed well, who got starting position three.

 51924285260 fb823d816c h

Driving with confidence, Tim Schestag continued his series of successes in his touring car before his home crowd

The fans then found themselves eagerly awaiting the start of the first race, with a rolling “Indianapolis start.” As soon as the first lap of the race, Schestag made it clear that he wasn’t satisfied with his second place on the starting grid, driving in the slipstream of Robin Renz.

In class 3, Hinrich Groeneveld took no prisoners, and steered his CUPRA Leon MKII racing car, with its more than 300 hp, towards a class victory.

Rookie driver Martin Held took his chance to gain some initial experiences during the important racing laps, collecting points in class 1 with his CUPRA Ibiza V1 Cup racing car.


 51922692197 d8540f6246 h

Marco Chianese (ITA, Würzburg) pulled off a strong performance in only his second racing weekend


David Stein (GER, Usingen), had “one of those days”. Due to a technical defect, he was unable to take part in either the time qualifying or the race, which cost him important points in the overall standings despite every effort of the mechanics.

During the course of the first race on the other hand, Marco Chianese managed to further improve his lap times and catch up with Dirk Ehlebracht (GER, Oberursel), which ensured a close battle for 3rd place.

At the front of the pack, Tim Schestag succeeded in taking the lead and gaining a small advantage over Robin Renz. The race then came to a temporary stop due to a “Code 60 phase” which replaced the safety car, and the drivers were forced to reduce their speed to 60 km/h, which prompted a second inspection by the race organizers after the race.

After the lifting of the Code 60 phase at the end of the race, Groeneveld took his class win. In class 2, Tim Schestag achieved another victory, coming in ahead of Robin Renz and Dirk Ehlebracht. Marco Chianese finished in 4th place ahead of Thomas Eckert (GER, Nuremberg), who completed the top 5. Marco Bedrich (GER, Cottbus) failed to reach the black-white checkered flag this time, being forced to drop out of the race as his car suffered damage to its drive shaft.

After the first battle of the new season, the racers were only able to catch their breath for a short while, with the second race of the weekend scheduled for the Sunday morning. With cold weather conditions once again, the race organizers decided to allow the drivers to complete two warm-up laps this time to get their tires up to racing temperature.


Lap-long duel for victory in race 2

The second race succeeded in surpassing the first race in terms of excitement. Robin Renz made it clear that he wasn’t satisfied with his second place finish on the day before, and set out to take the victory in the second race and prevail over Tim Schestag.

In true touring car fashion, the two drivers battled side-by-side in a lap-long duel in the motordrome, and offered the spectators touring car action at its best, with both driving their “Chevys” in a class of their own. The live-stream action was also watched by the fans at home.

Towards the rear of the pack, however, Thomas Eckert hit the throttle too early, and after spinning off course on the first curve, found himself having to play catch-up with the rest of the field.

51923750343 46753474c5 h

Simon de Mori (AUT, Hörbranz) scored two points on his debut in race 2


David Stein, on the other hand, put in another positive performance in race 2. With a freshly repaired racing car, he succeeded in working his way up a few positions and into the top 5. The battle for the winners’ podium, meanwhile, turned out to be between Marco Chianese and Dirk Ehlebracht. Chianese impressed with some quick lap times, but it was Ehlebracht who ultimately put in a solid performance to notch up his second podium finish of the weekend.

The second victory was secured by Tim Schestag, who finished just before Robin Renz. The duel between the two drivers from Baden-Württemberg in Germany is certainly a taste of the further fight for the championship.

In the other finishing positions, it was Marco Bedrich, Simon de Mori and Thomas Eckert who secured the coveted PRTC Class 2 points.

The touring car action in the PRTC will be continuing on May 13th-15th 2022 at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben (GER), and is certain to offer another round of exciting motor racing.

Duels between Germany and Austria at the action-packed premiere of the PRTC at the Salzburgring

Salzburgring. The legendary traditional racing circuit in Nesslgraben, Austria, near the city of Salzburg, was the venue for the premiere racing weekend of the Pfister Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC). The motor racing festival hosted by BG Sportpromotion set the stage for several well-known racing series, finally making genuine motor racing possible again in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Big names from the world of motor racing had announced they would be there, such as Walter Röhrl, Harald Grohs, Kris Nissen and Roland Asch.

The fans were able to follow all the action on the racing circuit in an excellent live stream with commentary and close-ups, which attracted an audience of more than 30,000 viewers.

In the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC), meanwhile, 10 racing drivers went into battle in the CHEVROLET Cruze 1.8 LT V3 Eurocup. The motto of the racing series, “real cars, real racing”, was plain to see on the racing circuit, with superb touring car action.

 DSC 2132

10 racing drivers fight it out for victory in the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge (PRTC)

appealing mix of ambitious youngsters and “gentlemen drivers”

During the first test drives under dry and hot conditions on the Friday, the two “Chevy veterans” Wolfgang Kriegl (AUT) and Björn Dietrich (GER) achieved the fastest lap times. Other PRTC racing drivers took the opportunity to get to know the 4.255 km long high-speed race track, and prepared themselves well for the upcoming weekend of racing.


Wolfgang Kriegl puts down an excellent performance during a battle in the rain


On the first day of racing on the Saturday, the conditions changed all of a sudden: Stormy weather, cloudy skies and rain descended on the racing circuit. Local driver Wolfgang Kriegl proved best able to cope with the slippery and challenging conditions: Not only did he secure pole position for the first race, but also a superb race victory with an advantage of more than 10 seconds over the next drivers.

The battle was intense further down the field: Roman Holzner (GER) celebrated a sensational touring car debut, putting Björn Dietrich (GER) and Sven Grossmann (GER) under considerable pressure. The exciting action saw three drivers fight it out for second place, with Dietrich missing the braking point on the first chicane twice before he then pulled off two courageous overtaking maneuvers in the notorious paddock corner in the best touring car tradition to move back into second place.

 DSC 0347

The winners’ podium in the first race: from left to right: Björn Dietrich, Wolfgang Kriegl and Sven Grossmann

Close behind them, Roman Holzner came in at fourth place with fast lap times, ahead of Dennis Bröker (GER), who had an unremarkable but constant race. Sixth place was taken by Dirk Ehlebracht (GER), who finished ahead of Aaron Morf (GER) and Mathias Gaiser (GER), who finished 8th and secured the final championship point.

The second day of racing on the Sunday saw another change in the weather conditions: Dry and hot weather was forecast for the Salzburgring.


Björn Dietrich beats Kriegl to win the Sunday race


At the start of the day of racing on Sunday, the drivers got to enjoy the great atmosphere at the Salzburgring and watch the famous race series, as their race didn’t get underway until 14:50 hrs local time. By that time, the conditions on the racing circuit were clear: It was dry, with a good grip on the road surface.

Following the standing Grand Prix start, Wolfgang Kriegl initially built up a decent pole position, but was forced to give it up again after a surprise attack by Björn Dietrich on the first lap, who succeeded in taking the lead in the race.

As usual, the battle was intense further down the field: Roman Holzner used the slipstream of Kriegl and Dietrich to catch up with the leaders, but then found himself contending with electronic problems on his CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup 1.8 LT V3 Cup racing car, just like Sven Grossmann.

DSC 9551

The speed was there – but the luck wasn’t: Roman Holzner (GER)

After that, Dirk Ehlebracht (GER) looked like a safe third place, before braking problems saw him missing the turning point in the first chicane and being forced to give up his place on the winners’ podium to Dennis Bröker (GER), who held on to third place until the finishing line.

At the front of the pack, Wolfgang Kriegl threatened to overtake several times in Björn Dietrich's rear-view mirror, but Dietrich defended his position courageously and won Sunday’s race. Fourth place was secured by Mathias Gaiser (GER), who came in before touring car rookie Aaron Morf (GER), who completed the top 5 finishers.

Young Sandro Ritz (GER), a graduate from the world of go-carting, secured his first championship points. In a good race, the youngster came in at 6th place, in front of Patrick Huber (GER) and Sven Grossmann (GER).


Provisional racing calendar for 2020


July 24-26, 2020                                            Automotodrom Grobnik** (CRO)


September 14, 2020                         Official test day at Salzburgring (AUT)


October 3, 2020                                            Official test day at Wachauring (AUT)


October 10-11, 2020                         EuroSpeedway Lausitz (GER)


July 24-25, 2020                                            Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)


October 31 - November 1, 2020                 Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

November 13-14, 2020                                 Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

**FIA CEZ guest races

DSC 2168

Eligible to start in the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge are touring cars according to the DMSB Group H regulations, where the focus is on touring cars from the manufacturers CHEVROLET and CUPRA. The classes are determined according to engine capacity.

The class winners win honorary awards and other high-quality prizes. Opportunities for entry are available as part of the ADAC Touring Car Driver Evaluation and through participation in a racing driver license course.

As part of the official test days, it is possible to book experienced instructors in 1:1 Active Coaching sessions in order to prepare quickly and purposefully for joining a race.

DSC 0313

Further information on the driver support program of Pfister-Racing GmbH, the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge and the ADAC Touring Car Driver Evaluation is available at – you can also contact us by telephone on +49(0)9350 / 90 900 59



Plusevent Driving School

In the Plusevent Driving School, you have the opportunity to drive on the race track in one of our race cars, being coached by a professional instructor.

Every year between December and March a small, select group of racers – amateurs, advanced drivers and professionals – meet at one of the most beautiful places in Europe to move their sports cars.

Corporate Events

We plan and organize events for corporate clients! From the orientation tour on the country roads in Franconia, to the ADAC Safe Driving Center and up to the race tracks – we are your competent partner in this program.

Partner des Pfister Racing Teams



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